Family Naturism

Family Naturism

American Association for Nude Recreation-West(AANR-West) posted an interesting item about family naturism on their MeWe page : 

#NudeFamilyFriday — It is all right for them to see Mommy and Daddy are different ... he’ll have a healthy understanding of their bodies as well as of others as he grows older, ɴᴀᴛᴜʀᴀʟʟʏ. #StayHomeStaySafeStayNaked.

So with the current state of the world, where most of us are under a "Stay Safe, Stay Home" directive, It presents a great opportunity for your family to bond. To share social nudity to improve familial relations to get closer together as a family unit. The nudity is a tool, the shared vulnerability allows for greater emotional connection.

Some ideas of family naturist activities are:

  • a nude board game night
  • a nude family breakfast
  • watching a movie together
  • You may find yourself suddenly thrust into homeschooling, no reason that anyone needs to dress for school (unless there is a zoom meeting).  

On the AANR youth speaks out page(broken link), there is a really good quote :

People just don’t understand

By Darin

... To me being a nudist is celebrating who you are. If you’re fat, skinny, tall, or short, nobody cares. Nudists get to have the great privilege of being seen for who they are. They really can’t trick people into thinking they are someone who they aren’t. Clothes are like looking at the outside of a book without knowing what’s truly inside. That’s what counts inside of you, not the outside. People who aren’t nudists need to understand this."


Wasatch Naturists will be able to have activities again soon, and many of those activities will be for the whole family.  In the meantime, Take advantage of this opportunity to strengthen your family, live naturally at home.