All new Wasatch Naturists membership applicants must submit the following before we can consider your membership:

  • New Member Application Form (click to download form(.pdf))
  • A copy of your current driver’s license or other government-issued photo identification card (and also that of your partner if this is a couples membership) 
  • Payment of membership fees by PayPal (  If paying by postal mail, send a check or money order payable to Wasatch Naturists

Cost for an annual membership:

  • Single (Wasatch Naturists only) - $35
  • Couple (Wasatch Naturists only) - $50
  • Single (AANR and Wasatch Naturists) - $63
  • Couple (AANR and Wasatch Naturists) - $103.50

Current AANR members can also renew their membership through WN.  Make sure to include your AANR # on your application.

You can email a pdf of your application and a copy of your ID to  If you prefer to send this information by mail, our address is:

Wasatch Naturists
P.O. Box 65241
South Salt Lake City, UT 84165

In order to join, you must be referred by a current member of Wasatch Naturists. If you don’t know a WN member who can refer you, we will need to meet you in a clothed and public environment (like a restaurant) before membership is granted.

Membership is open to all regardless of race, religion, sexual preference or gender. Applicants must be age 18 or over. They can be single or partnered/couples (same-sex partners or straight).

To ensure the safety of our members, all applicants are subject to a background check.  This includes the sex offender registry, major felonies, and we network with other nudist clubs and resorts for names of people on their "do not admit" lists.

Contact us if you have any questions. [email to]

Wasatch Naturists are a group of warm, accepting people.  If you are interested in joining or have questions about our events, our groups, or naturism in general, please complete the form.