Naked for All

By Kensunwalker

-Note : republished by permission.  Thanks Kensunwalker.

Clothing is for everyone.  It doesn’t matter who you are, what you look like, what you believe, or what you do, clothes are accepted.  Oh, you may have to wear a particular uniform or dress a certain way.  Your business may demand a certain style.  Your religion may require that you to conform to that community’s dress code.  The clothes that are appropriate for shopping in the city will be different in the country, and very different at the beach.  But other proclivities don’t seem to matter – nun, priest, doctor, teacher, contractor, sales rep, telephone operator, customer service person, fast food worker, clerk, straight, gay, video pornographer, swinger, nudist, as long as you’re clothed, you are accepted; clothes make the “accepted” man or woman.


“When nudity is the norm, it's easy to follow suit (or suitless, I suppose) . . .”

– Anna Pulley Learning to Love my body...

What can be done to make “nudity” universally accepted?

Naked must become just as acceptable as clothed.  It can’t matter whether the person is conservative or liberal, man or woman, religious or not, focused on sex or less sexually oriented, gay or straight, a nacation only nudist, a 24/7 nudist or an occasional nude, the focus must be on making naked as accepted as being clothed, however and wherever it occurs.

Some textiles and naturists may disagree with a particular type/motivation of nudity.  If so, they needn’t be involved.  Everybody has their own bucket of acceptable and unacceptable behaviors that no one has the right to take that bucket away.  Each person’s approach is personal – it’s theirs!  Naked people must “never” denigrate those who enjoy nudity of “any” type.

Any approach that inspires nakedness must be encouraged!  Roni Fine says this well:

“I think we need to accept that with any large group of people there will be different preferences and we should be more lenient towards one another, respect one another’s choices and accept, though we all do things slightly differently, we all embrace the one thing that unites us: Nudity!”

- Roni Fine

No Fear

To be accepted, naked people must not cower in fear; rather, they must act with strength.  They must be proud of their nakedness.  Here are a few ways this pride can be demonstrated so acceptance results:

Home naturism can surely be accepted.  It makes zero sense to wear clothes at home if you’re a naked person – so don’t do it.  Establish a naked household and let everyone know that they may see a naked person when they visit.  (A sign is an easy way to accomplish this.)  Raise your children naked.  Tell your family.  Visit your neighbors and let them know you are a naked person.  It might be okay to have a bathrobe for yourself near the front door, but it’s even better to have a robe for a visiting guest so they may undress, yet still feel comfortable.  Watch TV nude.  Hold naked social parties with friends.  Do all of your housework nude.  Window coverings are used to avoid being seen, but shut out natural light, so it’s better to leave them open (except maybe at night, but if nakedness was accepted even this concern would disappear).  Put naturist magazines on side-tables, and be sure to include an album with photos of you and your family participating in naked activities.  Decorate your home with nude-photos, artwork, and statues.  Be a proud home naturist!

Swimming naked can be easily accepted.  This will only occur if water people get nude!  Going to the beach?  Be polite – “ask” if those nearby would be offended.  Then with acceptance, get naked to sunbathe and swim!  So what if no one else participates.  At a pool?  Be polite – “ask” if others would be offended.  And with acceptance, swim nude!  Again, so what if no one else participates.  Going to a hot spring?  Be the first to establish a naked setting!  Go Skinny-dipping more often – it feels fabulous and is already accepted by most people.  And “never” wear clothing in your own spa or pool, even when textiles visit.  Be a naked example.  Water and nudity simply go together, and with familiarity comes acceptance.

Gardening and yard maintenance should be accepted.  You must take a stand for your rights and get nude. Your property is yours - your place, your rules!  No one has a natural right to object to you being naked on your own property, especially if it happens in your “back” yard.  Those who are offended can simply look away.  Nakedness need not be about exhibitionism or become a mental health concern.  Local laws may not agree; if so, those laws are wrong, so it is unlikely you will be prosecuted for nakedness on property you own, especially if you have previously announced that you are a naked person.  Few activities are as enjoyable and healthy as puttering in the garden or cutting the lawn nude.  Even taking out the garbage becomes pleasant when nakedness is accepted.

Outdoor camping/hiking naked will be accepted.  This will only occur if people get outdoors and camp or hike nude!  While it’s probably a good idea for naked people to camp and hike in more isolated areas to avoid criticism, few people get outdoors now anyway, and most who do are not concerned about nudity, especially if it is done by a group.  Still, if freecampers/freehikers are seen by a textile critic, they should never hide or seem embarrassed; rather, simply say “Hi”, wish the person a “Great Day”, and perhaps stop to talk.  This is the only way those who also enjoy being outdoors (and mostly don’t care about natural nudity) will learn to be accepting.

Participate in naked sports and other healthy activities so they are accepted.  Everything is better if done nude, and everything includes sports.  Why not bike, or run, or bowl, or play tennis or horseshoes without clothes?  Why not fish or hunt nude?  How about nude exercising or weight lifting or yoga?  Some places have naked soccer or rugby teams.  And card/board games are natural nude activities.  So are nude drum circles, nude karaoke, and naked parties.  Join a team or group that participates in nude sports/activities, and tell/invite others so naked becomes acceptable.

Carnuding will even be accepted!  Driving or riding naked in a car is perhaps the most controversial of all the activities that have been presented so far, because some people see this as too exhibitionistic.  Yet it is certainly consistent with being accepted as a naked person.  Clothes can be very restricting and uncomfortable, especially when traveling longer distances.  You drive more carefully when clothes-free because you want to avoid flashing others, so it can be safer.  Besides, few if anyone on the road will notice anyway.  And a Skinny Road Trip makes for an awesome naturist event - traveling nude with others to see the sights.  Some police may not agree, but Carnuding and Skinny Road Trips can certainly contribute to normalizing nakedness in everyday life.

Home Sweet ‘Naked’ Home

We must “live” naked to make it as acceptable as clothed.  It’s not where we live, but how we live – naked.  You can increase naked acceptance “anywhere” by simply living a naked life, and letting others know.

Maybe you live in an apartment.  You can easily post a sign by your front door indicating yours is a naked place.  You can be friendly with neighbors and answer any questions.  You can do housework naked.  You can decorate your place in a naturist fashion.  You can plant a small garden and enjoy sitting on your patio naked.  You can invite naked friends over for socializing (and invite neighbors).  You can sleep with your spouse naked.  And you can still enjoy the outdoors naked while camping and hiking.  Just let everyone know about your lifestyle, so nakedness becomes accepted.  You can live naked anywhere; it’s simply your choice!

Get innovative if you live a naked life in the city.  The city has many advantages - shopping, restaurants, entertainment, and particularly diversity.  You may never even get to know your neighbors, so in large cities naturism is often more easily accepted; join or create a naked community.  You might be able to create a roof-top oasis, with a hot tub, gardens, BBQ, etc.  Try to acquire two multi-story houses, fence in the front and back area between, and create a nude paradise; then use one house for your home and the other for naked-accepting renters, or even open a small spa.  Again, just let everyone know about your lifestyle, so nakedness becomes accepted.  You can live naked anywhere; it’s simply your choice!

You might live in a “typical” neighborhood/home – Of course, all the activities apartment dwellers do are available to you, with a little more freedom because you own the property.  Still, it’s important to place a sign near your front door (to not offend “unsuspecting” visitors).  And you’ll want to inform the neighbors so they know what you are about, become accustomed to your lifestyle, and accept nakedness.  Fences and tall vegetation will also increase privacy and acceptance.  Just let everyone know about your lifestyle, so nakedness becomes accepted.  You can live naked anywhere; it’s simply your choice!

Maybe you’re lucky enough to live in a house distant from others.  This usually means away from the city.  Naked outdoor life becomes easier.  Distance means you can be naked with nearly total acceptance.  Yard work, gardening, sunning, enjoying a sunset – everything naked can be accepted.  You might even have room to build a naked meditation trail.  Still, post a naked sign and tell your closest neighbors.  Just let everyone know about your lifestyle, so nakedness becomes accepted.  You can live naked anywhere; it’s simply your choice!

And until nakedness is fully accepted, you might choose to live at a clothing optional resort.  Your naked lifestyle will be completely accepted.  And as an added benefit, this is normally less expensive than living in the textile world.  Just let everyone know about your lifestyle, so nakedness becomes accepted.  You can live naked anywhere; it’s simply your choice!

Money, Money, Money

But what about the money needed for the naturist approaches above.  Money seems to always be a limiting factor.  Here are three approaches for earning the money needed to live as a naturist:

You can simply do what you do now to earn a living.  You may not be able to work nude; your business probably has some dress code.  However, you may be able to wear a naturist t-shirt at work.  And required dress at work doesn’t stop you from stripping down after work – carnuding, and at home.  Driving home naked will increase your nude time.  Don’t think of nudity as weird (even if others over-react.)  Sharing in this way can make nudity more acceptable for those who know, so tell them.

Look for a job that can be done at home.  Working from home is becoming more and more common.  Do it nude!  Working clothes-free can add motivation to a job, so you can be a better employee.  In many situations, the “computer” makes naked work possible.  But, don’t hide your reason for working from home; when possible, tell your boss and other workers that you choose to work from home so you can be comfortably “naked”, more motivated, and hence, a better employee.  That’s really the only way to make working naked at home as acceptable as working in clothes.  Hiding your nakedness doesn’t achieve acceptance.

Some naked people may want to make most of their income through a naturist-related business.  This is especially important for naked retired folk who need a little extra income.  If this is your desire, you will definitely need to first “come out of the closet”; everyone must know you are a nudist.  Otherwise, how can you market your business?  Here are a few naturist money making ideas: Conduct nude boating/river-running events (the nude cruise industry is booming), conduct nude tours/photo events/freehikes, open your home as a nude B&B, conduct nude workshops, have facilities for naked weddings and work closely with wedding planners, create marketing approaches for resorts and other naturist-related businesses, start your own naked 5k or similar event, create and sell naturist-related clothing, open a naked statue (or other things) store.  And remember, the more nakedness is accepted, the more customers you will have, and the more money you can make.

Is money needed anyway?  Maybe, being satisfied with the naked times you have during or after work is enough for you.  You needn’t travel to distant places or fancy resorts if you really enjoy being a home naturist - cleaning and fixing your house naked, puttering in your garden naked, soaking naked in your hot tub, freehiking in the near-by forest, and socializing with your naked friends.  You might even start a local non-landed naturist club.  Be sure to let others know about your naked approach to a satisfying life, so it is accepted.


“Polls show 25% of U.S. [citizens] are nude at home or skinny-dip at home, a beach or nudist park.  They just never tell anyone.  You aren't alone!”

- SoCalNaturist

According to statistics, one in four of your neighbors already secretly enjoys naked living.  You can be the catalyst needed to open these folk up, and can even make naked living acceptable for others.

So how can you help naked become just as acceptable as being clothed?  Just get naked!  And let others know.  You needn’t do everything listed above, but definitely do something to make nudity as acceptable as being clothed.  Your example will surely contribute to the naked movement; even if only to your friends and family, even if only to yourself.

And don’t be concerned if another naked person is religious, or gay, or famous, or social, or a swinger.  Realize that clothed people are diverse in those ways as well.  Recognize that nothing matters, as long as they love nudity.  You may not associate with a particular approach or belief, but you “must” be supportive and get naked yourself in order to make nakedness as acceptable as being clothed.