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June swim

Our monthly nude swims are usually held on the third Sunday of the month, but since the third Sunday in June is Father's Day, the swim will be held on the fourth Sunday (June 25).

The swims are for members of Wasatch Naturists and their guests.  If you would like more information, please contact us at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..


Lets celebrate

Celebrate Utah NaturismLets celebrate the fact that there is once again an organization promoting naturism in Utah.  Wasatch Naturists has now been officially sponsoring swims for 2 months now, and this month will be the 3rd official clothing optional swim sponsored by Wasatch Naturists.  

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The Telegraph [Nude awakenings]

Nude awakenings: the misunderstood world of naturism

Tonight that confidence will be clear for all to see, as Welch bares all in The Great British Skinny Dip, a Channel 4 documentary following him as he attempts BN’s biggest marketing drive to date – a mass naked swim – and meets a range of characters from the nudist communities around the country, from a former headmistress to a nervous trade union officer.

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It's not just about ping-pong you know! Things you only know if you're a female naturist...

From The Telegraph

Everyone's got a naturist cliché in their head. Remember that holiday when you accidentally ended up on the wrong beach? Or inadvertently strolled in to a nudist yoga class? Where do you look? How bad is it to stare? Did you find the whole thing hilarious or crushingly embarrassing?

Unlike in Germany, where we're told naked rambling is as common popular pastime, public nudity in the UK remains a taboo. Stereotypes abound and its all to easy to have a quiet little snigger about those who choose to spend time at home and abroad sans clothes. But two recent studies have revealed that naturists are happier and more comfortable in their bodies than those of us who grimace at the idea of removing any kind of clothing at the beach.

It's not just about ping-pong you know! Things you only know if you're a female naturist

Naked for All - By Kensunwalker


Naked for All

By Kensunwalker

-Note : republished by permission.  Thanks Kensunwalker.

Clothing is for everyone.  It doesn’t matter who you are, what you look like, what you believe, or what you do, clothes are accepted.  Oh, you may have to wear a particular uniform or dress a certain way.  Your business may demand a certain style.  Your religion may require that you to conform to that community’s dress code.  The clothes that are appropriate for shopping in the city will be different in the country, and very different at the beach.  But other proclivities don’t seem to matter – nun, priest, doctor, teacher, contractor, sales rep, telephone operator, customer service person, fast food worker, clerk, straight, gay, video pornographer, swinger, nudist, as long as you’re clothed, you are accepted; clothes make the “accepted” man or woman.

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WasNat Organizational Meeting

Planning - Charting the course for Growth

On November 13, a group of people met in Salt Lake City Utah, to organize Wasatch Naturists, to be a Non-landed AANR/TNS affiliated naturist club.

It was a very productive meeting.  We talked quite a bit about the history of groups like Utah Naturists and UANR.  Meeting participants had some really good input about what worked and what didn't in Utah Naturists.  We decided on cost of membership ($20 single, $30 couple annually to start, may raise it as the group grows).  When people want to join without a referral from a member, they will have to attend a non-nude event which we will hold monthly.  We have a 3 person board in place and will work on bylaws, articles of incorporation, etc.

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